HIGHLY Rotary Compressors

We supply Hitachi Highly Rotary Compressors on the Scandinavian market. Highly rotary compressors are under constant development according to market demands. We have models which for both old and new sustainable refrigerants: R134a - R410A - R407C - R744 - R290 - R32 - R452B - R454B - R454C - R513A - R1234yf - R1234ze

HIGHLY Rotary Compressors – R290

Hitachi Highly has the most expanded model program for Propane R290 rotary compressors. Heating capacity from 2kW up to 22kW for both fixed- and inverter controlled types. WHP02200PCK – WHP03300PRK – WHP03300PSV – WHP0360PRK – WHP05500PUK – WHP07600PSD – WHP10200PSD – WHP013300PSD – WHP18600PSK – WHP32900VSK – WHP37600PSK

LG Electronic Rotary Compressors – R290

LG Electronics offers an extensive product portfolio. We can provide you with a selection of three air-conditioning compressors, such as single – twin, and two stage rotary. Special compressors in R290 for Heat Pump Inverter Dryers

SAMSUNG Mini Rotary Compressors

Extremely small and high-performance rotary compressors Current models produce from 360 to 455W of cooling under standard ASHRAE conditions, using a single cylinder configuration. Compatible with refrigerants R134a - R600a - R1234yf. Running on 12Vdc - 24Vdc - 48Vdc - 230Vac.

HITACHI – Scroll Compressor

Built on high-pressure design principles, Hitachi compressors offer greater reliability and performance. We strive to bring comfort and harmony into your space through the continuous development of energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly compressors.

LG – Scroll Compressor

LG offers an extensive product selection of scroll compressors for fixed speed, two stage modulating and Variable speed with optimized inverter driver, to fully support your various business needs and applications