EVCO – Standard Controllers

EVCO Controllers for refrigeration with compressor protection against mains voltage fluctuations. EV327/EV328 controllers are able to protect the compressor against mains voltage fluctuations. Some controllers have a 30 res. A @ 250 VAC electromechanical relay for the direct control of high power compressors.

EVCO – Catering Controllers

EVCO range of Catering Controllers. They vary from standard basic controllers, to board systems that can be fully integrated with the unit, all incorporating the latest advances in energy saving and functionality. We also offer a full custom controller design service to suit your own technical requirement from discreet hardware to the C-Pro range of programmable hardware that can be programmed to you own requirements:

ECVO – HVAC Controllers

EVCO C-Pro 3 range of ventilation controllers are designed to manage over 150 configurations of ventilation systems without the need of costly programming. The ventilation solutions are available in several variations, which offer flexibility and scalability to allow the user to migrate the platform onto any size of system.

EVCO – Refrigeration Controllers

EVCO range of controllers for the optimized, high energy-efficiency management of refrigerated units at normal, low, static or fan-driven temperatures. A compact stylish design (74x32mm panel-fitted, 4 capacitive touch keys and IP65 protection), the range includes basic temperature regulators Energy-saving strategies, including adaptive defrost and set-point adjustment, are combined with compressor protection functions and the possibility of driving high-power compressors, up to 2 HP, without the need for additional hardware (in models fitted with electro-mechanical relay, 30 A res. @ 250 VAC).