Heat Exchanger – Weyee

Our brazed heat exchangers from Chineese manufacturer WEYEE, offer tailor-made solutions for the greatest possible range of applications. WEYEET manufacture automated and compact design of our brazed series. We choose between copper- and nickel-brazed or VacInox plate heat exchangers depending on the field of application. WEYEE look for the most economical solution from the various sizes and diverse accessories available to us and adapt them precisely to your requirements with customized connections.

Heat Exchanger – Sanhua

Our wide range of BPHEs include many different sizes and models; evaporators, condensers, de-superheaters, fluid to fluid exchangers and compact exchangers that are easy to install, gasket free, and with a fully hermetic design. Our brazed plate heat exchangers (BPHE) offer a compact and flexible solution designed for ultra-efficient performance for your high-pressure or extreme-temperature applications. Our full range of stainless steel BPHEs are suitable for many different applications including as heat pumps, chillers and boilers.