LS Control – Inverters

We have already tuned the SpeedControl 1002 to a number of known compressor models and these have each got their own motor profile, which is either selected via ModBus interface or using a small add-on print that translates ModBus to 0-10V signal. If add-on print is selected, the motor selection is easily set via dip switches.

EVCO – Compact series Inverter Driver

The inverters of the Compact series are used for optimum control of AC three-phase asynchronous motors, also known as induction motors (IM), as they improve performances and energy efficiency. Available with 4 power capacities (from 0,75 to 2,3 KW), they are suitable for small- and medium-power equipment used for food processing, ventilation in ovens and in HVACR systems, pumping and other industrial drives.

EVCO – Syncro series Inverter Driver

The inverters in the Syncro series have been designed for optimum control of permanent magnet synchronous motors (BLDC), which are typically used in compressors for HVAC equipment, like chillers, heat pumps and rooftops. Suitable to the control of asynchronous motors as well, the Synchro inverters can be used as fan speed regulators in heat recovery systems and air handling units. Available with power capacity of 4,8 and 6 kW, the inverters in the Syncro series drive synchronous motors with sensor-less vector control and asynchronous motors with scalar (V/f) or PID vector control.

Sanhua – Inverters

Dedicated to BLDC compressors and fans Optimised for HVAC&R applications such as Heat pump, Air conditioning, Refrigeration racks and condensing units.