HVAC – Sacet

SACET range of temperature probes for industrial environments. They use the most common temperature sensors (PTC, NTC, Pt 100, J and K thermocouples), are available in different executions, ensure a wide working range and good precision. Some probes guarantee an IP68 protection rating; others ensure a double insulation.

Refrigeration + A/C – Sacet

In the refrigeration and air-conditioning sector, the operation and efficiency of the equipment depend on the input values that the instrument receives from the probe that is responsible for detecting temperature and other physical quantities.

Renewable Energy – Sacet

Renewable energy refers to all forms of energy that respect resources from the natural world. They do not pollute and are not depleted as they regenerate at the end of their cycle: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass, hydro and marine energy. The monitoring of temperature and humidity determines the potential performance of plants: in this sense, our products play a key role in measuring these parameters.

Electric Motors – Sacet

Overheating is the number one enemy of electric motors. To ensure their long life and proper functioning, our probes allow monitoring directly from inside the copper windings.